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Can't import .scribe file into a new scribe

I looked up how to import a .scribe file into a new scribe and it says to click the folder icon in the bottom right - but, when I go to the bottom right, the folder icon doesn't activate when i click on it.



I'm not sure if we just have some confusion about terms or if you are trying to do the wrong thing.
You can't "open a .scribe file INTO a new scribe". If you have a new scribe open and you are trying to import a.scribe into it, then you are looking at the wrong icons and clicking the wrong icon.

(Assuming you are using the computer version of the program,) you can close any scribes that are open and then import a .scribe file into videoscribe. The screen should look something like this with the folder, the cog, and the question mark in the lower right corner:

If that does not help, please provide any additional details that you thing might make the problem clearer.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


aaah yep, got it! Thankyou :)


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