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Hand fill animation appearing with image property set to outine

I am using Inkscape to create a SVG image.  My layers are stacked as such Bottom layer color fill, Middle layer outline, Top layer transparent fill hand animation pattern.  Seems to work correctly in Videoscribe until I change the image to Outline.  The image is outlined as expected however the hand still goes through the fill pattern motion.  I expected the Outline setting to draw the outline with the hand animation, but with no fill pattern animation.  What am I doing wrong?


What I noticed so far is the image set to outline in videoscribe is preforming the hand fill animation, filling in the logo with white color.  How to stop the hand animation from doing this is beyond me. Other provided videoscribe images I tested this with draw the outline then stop, but my image has the added hand animation.


Iif you don't want the hand to follow a particular stroked path, you have to remove the stroked path from the SVG

this includes the zero opacity stroked path used to reveal the fill color.

(Any library images that don't draw out the reveal path, don't contain a reveal path.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Mike thanks for clearing this issue up I now realize I would have to make 2 images one with the drawing path and one without the drawing path.  However I expected the outline option would draw the image without the hand fill animation.

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