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Change hand ethnicity

I have downloaded the app, and I don't have the option to change the ethnicity of the hand. Thank you

Char, there are various hand sets available within VideoScribe and these are accessed using the hand icon on the top menu bar. Each of the folders contains on hand holding a number of pens, pencils, rubbers etc and there are a number of different ethnicity's available as well as a couple of left handed options as well.

Thank you for the prompt response. My apologies for not making my request clear. The menu bar does not reflect the hand icon on my Iphone. It only reflects save a file, add image, text, add music, and voiceover.

Sorry.  I believe Barry and I both thought you meant the desktop application. The free iphone application has only the most basic features. I don't believe it includes other hand sets.


-Mike (videoscribe user)

Since the iPad application is no longer free, will this feature be added? Thanks

There are no current plans to update the iOS app at this time. 

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