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I want to add a few elements


I want to add a few pictures and text and one time.

I read that i need to create a picture from for an example

and save as a SVG file.

When I tried to add my svg file to my canvas by using the picture icon 

Videoscribe do not recognize my svg file.


Thank you,,,,,,

I don't think you can SAVE real SVG images using

you can IMPORT them into using a plugin but they become raster images at that point.

you can attach the image here if you want us to look at it.

use inkscape ( or illustrator instead.

 -Mike (videoscribe user)

Hi Mike,

Thank you, for your reply.

Please find attached SVG.


Hi Paul,

the SVG appears to be

1) a white rectangle (background color) and

2) a link to a png image that cannot be found (so videoscribe can't display it) and

3) a clipping path (which videoscribe doesn't like)

did videoscribe give you an error or just display a blank image?

if that image started off as an SVG, it looks like converted it to a raster image (a png) and then when you saved it, the png was saved as a separate file or lost.

I recommend using inkscape version 0.48.5 (not the the newer one) available for free at if you want to make svgs that will work in videoscribe

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you,

I now understand and it works.

Have a great day....

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