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Why is my image appearing so small and pixelated?

I'm currently using the trial version to work out whether VideoScribe might be useful for how I work.

I've been able to use it how I like by creating svg files with hand drawn jpgs underneath, and invisible pencil tool over the top to reveal.

However, when I import the svg file into VideoScribe, the image appears very small and pixelated when I zoom to full screen. It's coming from using a hi res jpg and appears crisp and clear at much larger sizes in other applications.

Is this a result of using trial version? Will it look this way when rendered? And... Is there anything I can do to fix / text it before committing to the pro version?

Many thanks in advance. 

With any question of this type it's very hard to be specific without seeing the image itself. If you can attach it to the forum that would be a great help. Also well worth checking out Mike's forum post on tips and settings needed with SVGs to make them work well in VideoScribe.  This Adobe Illustrator tutorial on creating images is also well worth a watch

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