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How do you insert (R) symbol as text?

I can't find where to insert a registration symbol in the text feature so I created a small piece of art to place. When I place the small registration symbol I created, it will not allow me to reduce the size. When I attempt to reduce it does some weird magnification. Any help on what's going on? I'd rather treat as text if you can insert a symbol...but can't find where to do that. Help.

Attached is the tiny SVG of the artwork I created along with a screenshot of the magnification issue that happens when I attempt to reduce the size.

Copy and paste the R from a website or word document into the text box.  You will need to be using a font that supports that symbol. you can probably also google search to find out what key combo produces that symbol.

High default image quality settings increase the size of SVGs in videoscribe. if you use a high setting to enlarge an SVG and then scale the SVG much smaller you will get undesired results like visual glitches or disappearing images.

if you add a large ellipse (filled with no stroke and an opacity of 0%) around your R symbol in your SVG then the R will import at a smaller size. Or you can reduce the default image quality setting.

 -Mike (videscribe user)

Thanks so much!

I hate those disappearing small images.  Mike's solution of using a large ellipse with no stroke and no opacity is a general solution for ANY small image, and I just used it effectively for drawing Lewis diagram dots.  Thanks Mike! Thumbs Up Sign Emoji (Symbola Version)Thumbs Up Sign Emoji (Symbola Version)

Thanks for the mention! I think I got that particular trick from a post by Ian or Joe or Matthew.

if your global default quality/detail setting is too high, reducing it may also prevent disappearing images. I think the range is 400-4000 and I usually keep it at about 800-1000 I think.

Mike (videosacribe user)


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