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Well, I've been using this software for a few days and I'm a bit disappointed. There are basic features that not only are available, but I've seen they've been requested by other user months (and years ago) with no luck:

- Sound effects

- ¿Just one file for voices?

- I can't leave the hand on screen when transition to other drawing.

- Rendering times are just insane.

- No video nor animated sequences when drawing

- Can't draw anything under an already drawn object

- Morphing is almost unusable

- There's a bug when you want to select an object but all objects are being select, as the mayus key is kept pressed.

- "back" bottom from library in only first slide

- disabling final zoom just from animation preview

I've working as a multimedia producer a good 15 years and this software is far from being polished, like a toy compared to Flash or other softwares, and its price is no consequently lower.

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