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Change all hands, fonts in a project

I would love to be able to change the hands for one entire project.

The same goes for fonts; I would love to be able to change the default font for the project, then getting the option to change the fonts for texts already in the project.

You can change the default hand for a project using the hand icon at the top of the screen. This will amend the hand for any element you haven't already set a specific hand for.

With fonts once you have set that you would have to go into each element and manually and change this. If you have a big scribe you need to do this for though then log a support ticket as we can do something a little clever to do this for you. The font change will potentially resize your elements a little as well so you will have to go through and line things back up after but we can do a blanket change for you to a new font. 

Thanks for your reply.

Regarding the default hand, my conclusion is I will have to manually set hands for any drawing actions I already set a hand for. So for the next time I would not manually set any hand at all; only later on I would decide what default hand I would want to use and implement that by using the hand icon at the top.

It's not perfect, but it's useful to know.

Thanks also for offering the option to log a support ticket regarding the standard font. I will keep this in mind for the future!



Marc, that's right. We have taken the approach that if you have changed a individual elements then you want something different there to the rest of the scribe. You change your mind and remove the specific hand from each element after you have set it and it will return to default then. 

Hi @Barry Bradford, 

I also have this issue. Our company is going through a full rebrand project, and that includes changing fonts on all our courseware. I have several videos, all that will need font changes throughout. If you have found a simpler way to adjust these, please let me know. 

Has the software been updated yet with the ability to change characteristics (hand, font etc.) for multiple elements at once? This would be really useful and up the professionalism of the software.

You can currently change the hand for your whole scribe at once- 

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