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cannot install VideoScribe

hello there, 

I am trying to install the software but when it gets to Removing backup files, the computer crashed. 

I have tried several times using different file, scanning for corrupt files, removing old didn't work

could you please advise?

many thanks,


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1) computer crashes? or the installation freezes, or just hangs?
2) Are you trying to run the installer directly from this website or did you download the pr gram first and then run it?
(Try the other way)

3) Mac or PC? what operating system version ?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello Mike, yes it is computer which switch off completely when the installation get to that point.

I did download the program and run it, I will try run it from the web

It is a Windows 7 64bits pc

any advice?

many thanks

It sounds to me like Microsoft may have started to install the application at some point and failed. While an installation may not actually be in progress it could be that some markers have been left by the failed install that is making it look like there is. Microsoft has a tool called Microsoft Fix-It which you can run on your machine to seek out and remove these corrupted markers. Can I ask you to run this on your computer first. Then download the installer to the desktop of your PC and run the installation from there. This should solve the issue for you.

Download a fresh copy of the installer to from just to make sure it's the correct one.

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