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descarga videos

Buena tarde

Mi prueba gartis finalizó y no puedo comprar la versión PRO, el prblema es que tengo una presentación muy importante guardad y no me permite acceder para descargarl.

¿Como puedo solucionar el problema?


You can publish your project to YouTube, Facebook or PowerPoint on the Free Trial and that will give you access to your video after your trial has finished. To find out how to do this we have a handy short tutorial - How to share your scribe - video. I have given you an extra day of trial to give you chance to log-on and do that.

Hi everybody

As well as Lorena, I have a proyect made with a free trial but I forgot to published it on YouTube. Now my free trial has finished and i can´t enter to save or publish my video, could you help me please?

thank you so much if you can

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