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Saving scribe frame to a library

Once I labor to create a frame or scene, I would like to have it handy for reuse. Is there such a thing as placing it into a library?

delete everything you don't want to save, then save the scene as a scribe with a new file name

(don't save with the same name as your whole scribe or you will over write it.)

Scribes can be saved three ways:
1) locally in videoscribe
2) to the cloud (online on sparkols servers)
3) and as a .scribe file saved to a folder of your choice on your hard drive

If you have any concerns about backing up your work or avoiding accidental deletions, you should probably use at least two of the three methods.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Mike, thanks for your answer. I've mastered the various ways to save files. Perhaps what I should have asked is how do I import each saved file into a new creation. Is there anything like a drag and drop function?


select elements
close old scribe
open new scribe

this will retain the relative positions and sizes of the elements, but I do not know if the draw times and other settings will be retained.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you Mike. It worked.
As you said, it didn't retain the timing, drawing hand or voice recording.


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