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Hi everybody,

I had an account a few months ago and stored a few videoscribe on the cloud.

I stopped my account for a while and now I am back.

I found only ONE video on the cloud and not the others.

How can I get my other jobs back as for now I just have to change one screen of a old video.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my bad English (I am Belgian).


scribes saved in the cloud are not deleted unless you manually delete them, so my guess is:

1) maybe you had more than one free trial account or pro account and you reactivated an account that only had one scribe saved in the cloud.

2) maybe you are confusing the cloud with locally saved scribes.  scribes are saved locally in videoscribe by default. Saving locally means that if you save a scribe on one computer, you will not be able to find it or open it on another computer. You can only open it from the same computer you used to save it.  (also if the hard drive is erased, the scribe will be erased.)


I hope you find your other scribes

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Many thanks for this answer very clear !

I had recently a problem with my computer and it was 'cured'. Nevertheless all my data were saved .... and restored.

Do you have any idea where to search videoscribes data on my computer.

I do not have much hope ..... I am ready to re-do my job again but ... who knows !

Have a nice day.


Locally saved scribes are saved in a location that is only meant to be seen or accessed by Videoscribe.

The file location for MAC is:
\Macintosh HD\Users\[your username]\Library\Application Support\VideoScribeDesktop/Local Store\Macintosh HD\Users\[your username]\Library\Application Support\VideoScribeDesktop/Local Store

The file location for PC is:
C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\VideoScribeDesktop\Local Store

If you have that folder backed up, you can copy it from the backup to your current hard drive. However any new scribes on your hard drive will probably be over written by the backup copy.  So if you have new scribe, you should save them to the cloud (online) and possible export them as .scribe files as well.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


if i upload my vedio on cloud so how i get it back if i am a free trial user.

The cloud is a place to save your project (scribe) files within your account so if you log-in from another computer later you can access them and work on them. These are not video files though these can only be opened in VideoScribe. 

You need to publish you work as a video file rather than save it to access it after your trial ends - Tutorial 5 - Publish to video or social media

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