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VideoScribe not drawing as expected

 I'm using the recommended method for drawing where you import a PNG into Illustrator and then use the pencil tool to trace over the lines in the PNG drawing.  I made the pencil paths the same thickness as the lines in the PNG and then set the opacity of the path color to 0%.  I export the drawing to SVG annd import to VideoScribe.

When I render the drawing it first draws all the paths in a thinner line and after all paths are drawn it reveals the embedded PNG.

I was expecting the PNG to be revealed while VideoScribe draws the paths not suddenly afterwards. This is how the Sparkol help page says it should be drawn.

What am I not doing right?

I'm using Illustrator CC if that makes any difference.

You have to use the save settings in the screenshot in the following thread if you are using illustrator CC:
Making SVG Images Draw Well (2015 update)

if I get a chance, I'll look at your scribe and SVG in case the problem is something else.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hello, I am dealing with an unexpected kind of problem. In my drawing, videoscribe is filling first and then drawing the outline of the image. I made it in right order and in proper layers. Problem still persists. Below is my attached file. Please tell me where am I wrong.


Hi Raymond,
Videoscribe is not drawing your lines well because your reveal strokes are:
1) too thin in some cases
2) not properly covering the black line art in some cases but instead wandering off into the white areas

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Keshav,

1) I'm not sure how you made the yellow and black shape.. whatever method you used does not allow videoscribe to draw the black outline of the shape by default
2) I think that you attempted to make a reveal path for the black outline, but the reveal path that you made for the black outline of your shape does not have a stroke or a fill assigned to it, so it reveals nothing
3) the reveal path that you made for the yellow color fill is working correctly, that is why it is the first thing that videoscribe draws. then the remaining parts of the SVG just appear

My recommended solution is to:
a) lock the existing layers,
b) Make a new layer and manually re-create the black outline using the pen tool and give the new path a basic black stroke and a yellow color fill so it resembles the original shape.
c) Then add a scribbled  reveal stroke again over the yellow color fill.
d) Then just delete the old locked layers. 
e) Save using the recommended save settings from the link I provided earlier.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank You for help. Just a quick question. If I draw a circle in illustrator and make it fill with color and add reveal strokes for fill color, will it draw in perfect order. I mean, will it draw outline first and then fill color.


if you draw a circle using the pen tool or pencil tool with a basic stroked path.. probably yes

if you use the ellipse tool to make a circle then probably not.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank u so much. One more question. Sorry for too many. I use an already drawn svg image which is only outlined. In my svg editor, I fill it with color and then I add reveal strokes for fill color, will it draw in perfect order. Please recommend me another method, best one, to do this perfectly i.e. draw outline first and then fill it in already drawn svg image which is only outlined.


 Use the pen or pencil tool and a basic stroked path for any line that you want videoscribe to draw correctly.

How to make SVGs draw will in videoscribe (2015)

-Mike (ideoscribe user)

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