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Lag after conversion

The timings are all correct when I play the file in VideoScribe, but when I convert the file, the timings are all off. I've tried three times now with different formats/sizes. Any help would be appreciated. 

I currently use an older version of videoscribe so I cannot seem to open yourscribe.

(maybe customer support or another user can look at it for you.)

However, if you are using "move-in" with animation timing of zero seconds.. that's causing your problem:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for your reply. I am using 'draw' not move-in but with a zero animation time so that the text/image will just appear. It works for some of the images/text but there are three or four elements that don't work even though they have the same settings as the others. 

Haven't rendered your video to check but looking at your scribe you have a couple of places where you have mulitple text items in a row with a 0 draw time and we do have a bug in VideoScribe where the pause time is ignored where this happens. The workaround for this is to amend the draw time to 0.1sec with no hand and then the words still pop in quickly but don't encounter the problem on render.

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