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Recovering Video scribe projects

Hi, My Mac crashed sometime back and I have been trying to recover some of my previous projects done on Video scribe. (I had to format the Mac) None of the projects were save online and I don't have any saved offline. Can I be able to retrieve the videos?

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Hi, im on free trial and did not managed to export scribe file to my pc nor upload it online. Currently im unable to login as my app would not open. But i've tried to search my app data "C:\Users\dell\AppData\Roaming\VideoScribeDesktop\Local Store"  >> and there's 3 folders in there :

1. shared objects

2. documents

3. libary

Im thinking to reinstall the exe file and login to my free trial account again. Then replace the folder again. Would that be able to form back my project and export it into scribe file? As im planning to purchase pro account, but under company profile this time round.

I don't think you can use another free trial on the same computer.

However I think you can get a pro company account and use it on the same computer to access your locally saved projects.

You may want to raise a support ticket to confirm that with customer support before proceeding.

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