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Wondering about others' process

For my videos - which include a verbal script recorded by me in Audacity, and of course the animation itself, I usually go in this sequence:

Write the script itself (in the left grid of a 2-column Evernote table), and at the right of each section of text ( I try to organize the script into logical parts ), I have a list of the animation images that will appear during that text ).

Then I record the audio script itself, using Audacity, and edit/fix after that's done.

Then I'm in Videoscribe, working on all of the animation for entire video, but not really setting the animation and pause timings, just yet anyway.

And *then* I go ahead and set the voice over, pulling in my mp3 from its folder. I hit the play button just to get a first glimpse of how much more there is to do.

And then I finally go through the how-many-second duration settings for all of the animation images, until I get the timing correct, and the whole thing plays synchronized.

Forgot to mention that I was wondering if anyone creates their videos in the same way ( can't edit your own post here ? )


Yes, I use pretty much the same work process you described. My clients generally provide the voiceover and I generally draw all of my own art so that's another step in the process.

and yes the leased software they use for this forum and for the help tickets is not so great on the members side (we cannot edit our own posts, personally I cannot even copy and paste text within my own posts, new replies do not always appear after submitting unless you manually refresh, submitting a reply on a multi page thread bumps you back to the first page, various error messages and other minor irritating bugs). Maybe its better on the customer service side.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


does  not  let me into my account

Hi ana,

Please provide a better description of exactly what you are trying to do, step by step, and what results you are seeing including any error messages or other symptoms.

You might want to start your own thread since your problem is not the same as what is being discussed in this thread.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks Mike

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