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Preview works fine, video output looks different

Hi! I am having an issue with timing - the preview looks fine but in the video output the timing is not as I adjusted it in the project.

I wanted a few elements to appear at one time, then another few elements to appear a few seconds later (animation = 0, pause = 0, transition = 0 - only the last item in the timeline has pause = 2 seconds).

In video output the first group appears with the first item of the next group; the second group with the first item of the third group.

I switched the pause to some different items, I setup the whole project once again, I re-started VideScribe - but nothing worked. I also tried to put in a transition time for each item, but that also doesn't work.

Do you have any idea what else I can do?! THX!


probably this: elements in rendered video are missing or in the wrong place.

otherwise, save your project to the cloud folder and tell support the name of it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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