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still buggy after all these years ?

i'd like to hear from some current users. i used to have a license for videoscribe, and it worked fairly well. then, it seemed, with every new release, the bugs and the crashes piled up. it devolved to the point where i couldn't use it anymore, and i cancelled my contract in a stuttering rage ... 

so: i'm thinking of coming back ... can i ask: does it work yet ? is it still advisable to use an old legacy version just to get some stability ? because paying for software from a company that advises you to use older versions doesn't quite sit right with me. 

please send along your opinions .. thanks. 

If  you quit in a rage before, you may still encounter similar problems.
If you optimize your images and your videoscribe settings properly you can run it with zero problems.

If you wanted to ask about specific bugs, customer support can probably tell you whether or not they have been resolved.

You may want to read through some of these threads to find out what problems people are having and if they are finding solutions.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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