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where is saved files in a Mac.


A made a backup of mi disk and then a clean installation of  OS X Yosemite. A know that video scribe save files locally in a hide folder. But where is it? I have a lot of files saved, work of some months.


A google search seems to indicate that on macs the files are located in:  \Macintosh HD\Users\[your username]\Library\Application Support\VideoScribeDesktop/Local Store

If that has changed you should be able to use FINDER to search for VideoScribeDesktop

If you install videoscribe on your new hdd and then copy the videoscribedesktop folder from your back up to your new drive, I believe it should restore your old files, but it will probably also delete any new scribes that you have made on the new hard drive.

Don't forget you can also save your scribe to the cloud and export them as .scribe files to a destination folder of your choice for reliable backups.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks Mike.

I found the files where you say. I copied de folder ...\VideoScribeDesktop from my backup and I had my files again. 

Gilberto (new video scribe user)

Great! thank you for sharing your results!


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