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Draw own images wit Adobe Illustrator


I have a problem with the draws i created in Ai and later exported to VideoScribe as SVG. When I saved my images as SVG ( with embed option included and the rest of options that i read in forums, chats, support ) and I place that image in VideoScribe Sparkol the program does not interpret the way and shapes that i made on Illustrator as the same way.

I try it many times with different options i find over the internet but i still can't do it as I want. 

How should I work the images on Adobe Illustrator so that VideoScribe recognize them as I want?

I add some screenshots to show what I'm trying to explain,

Thanks so much

see tip #7- black blobs and black fills

double check those save settings and upload an SVG if you can't get it sorted out.

Mike (videoscrib user)


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your comment and support! Unfortunately, i follow the advises and guides step by step and when i import my SVG images to VideoScribe the result it's still the same. 

I see a VideoScribe tutorial video on Youtube created by the company but the result it's the same as yesterday,,,

What can I do?

I'd like some kind of solution because i need to do a special presentation for my company... 

Can somebody help me?

Thanks a lot!

did you read the part of my post in which I said to attach an SVG (one of the bad ones) here if you can't get it sorted out?

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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