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 Hi guys,

could I have your opinion about my first animation?

Please feel free to tell me how I can improve it or what you think in general. Thanks for your time,


0:13 Thought bubble with no content. Is the student's brain empty?

0:17 Arrow coincides with voiceover "After that..." This is fine, but inconsistent  

        with other segues in the piece (i.e., segues at 0:43-0:5 0) Consider 

        eliminating the arrow.

0:38 The illustrations did not match voiceover content

1:00 Teacher as armed policeman? Image doesn't match voiceover.

1:18 Used eraser animation instead of draw animation used elsewhere in video. 

        Noticeable inconsistency.

1:25 Arbitrary and noticeable mix of cartoon styles. Also poor screen arrangement 

        with large white space and one illustration cut off at upper-left.

There is a risk to using stock illustrations: the more you try to combine, the harder it becomes to match their style. This is evident in your video.


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