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Rendering Problems Resulting in Transitions Not Working

I've tried exporting my video multiple times as a MOV, and every time, the transitions do not work properly. In the preview view, in the app itself, everything flows smoothly, yet when exported, some transitions don't appear at all. In one spot there are 4 different lines of text that are unanimated but there is a pause between each one. When exported, the video plays the first two lines as one block of text, and only the third and fourth line of text have the transition. Later in my video, one line of text does not appear at all until the last second when the frame is changing and moving. 

Please help me to understand why these issues are happening in rendering

save your work as a .scribe file and attach it here or save your work to the cloud and tell support the name f it if you want to know what is wrong with it.

you are probably using move-in or morph with a zero second animation time which causes problems. change it to DRAW or change the animation time to a number greater than zero for each item.

related link:

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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