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Can't upload videos to youtube!

Hello team from VideoScribe, yesterday I used your product & I truly enjoyed. 
I have learned the basics of the software & I have good plans for the future, today

I tried upload a video 4 times to my youtube channel but for some reason when the product is %99 I received a message saying my connection was lost.

I have  VideoScribe 2.3 & I bought a full year membership expecting to be able to upload videos to the web without a problem. 

I already checked the forums for the answer of this topic which are:

1) try uploading it using 2.3

2) try uploading manually (which I did) etc...

I tried using those methods & they did not work, I feel like there might be a bug or a mistake in the software to upload the videos. Would you please help me how to upload my videos successfully?

I believe I have to get my money back for buying a product that is not satisfying me

Please give me a solution soon.

The problem is most likely within your scribe but it could possibly be a problem with your youtube channel. I cannot tell based on the information you have provided.

The fastest way to try to solve the problem is probably to:
1) save your project as a .scribe file and attach it here for help from me or other users

2) save your project to the cloud and leave the name of it here so customer support can look at it

if you want to provide additional information, it may help:
3) provide the exact error message if you can

4) how long (minutes and seconds) is your scribe?

5) have you tried publishing a tiny scribe (for example a scribe with just 1 image) to youtube to confirm that there is not a problem with your youtube channel

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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