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Logging in after the free trial on purchased software

I am helping a colleague with an issue.  A colleague of mine used a license downloaded on a computer at our college, and had no problems a few weeks ago because he was using the free trial at first with the purchased software.  Now when he tries to log in, he is unable to get in.

We bought a license that is downloaded onto this computer to use at the school.  Is there only one login available per license?  I don't understand why he cannot access the downloaded software.

Please advise.  Thank you.


I don't believe that a videoscribe licence is downloaded to any computer anywhere at any time.
Each user has a membership level associated with their own account and their own login information.
If two users have free accounts and one of the users upgrade to pro, THAT user will have PRO access to videoscribe on any computer they use. The other user will still only have a free trial or an expired free trial.


If that does not explain your problem, then your colleague should come here, login to this website using his account info, and provide a clearer description of the problem including exact error message.

Hope that helps,

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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