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I started using my VIDEOSCRIBE as a trial. Once I decided to get a full version, under the yearly subscription, I paid for it and I received the bill. 

Nevertheless, when I entered into the program again, I´ve realised that the account still runs as a free trial, and that it does not contain any of the applications offered in the full version.

I uninstalled the program and downloaded again, but it still seems as a free  trial version. The licence hasn´t change.

Please help. Thanks.

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1) what specifically do you think is missing?

for example, some people expect to get premium images for free but they are only available for purchase.

2) if you ever made more than one free account, maybe you upgraded the wrong one.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The principal problems are the following:

- I can´t export my video to my computer

- I can´t change the different colors to include new ones

- I can´t remove the watermark from the scribes

- I can´t save the scribe.


I think those services are included in the full version I bought under the yearly subscription.

Moreover, the trial scribe I prepared during the first 7 days’ trial it´s not available at the moment, even I paid for the subscription within the first seven days.

I had a single trial account, the account through I get the full version. After paying for it, I change my email address, but the account is the same.

How can I go through the full version?

Thanks a lot.


Your query has been converted into a ticket which is available through your account, further information will be available here.

Please respond to the questions and we can assist you further.

I want to use my  trial version proprelly before to buy.But the images (draw mode)are not fading away when they are suppose to.Instead they are all  over the top of each others. So at the end of an animation I have a mix of  drawings  all  together wish is looking like a spaggetti.

Is that normal ? The image are not doing what the propreties are saying they will  do.

Can You help?

Hello Jocelyn, Images do not fade away after being drawn they remain on the canvas. You need to place each image on a blank area of the canvas or Erase an object using the scribble out image to remove it. I would recommend watching our Tutorial series to help you learn how VideoScribe works in more detail.

I've got a similar question:
I've tried the free version, then I payed for a monthly subscription but my account doesn't realize that I already payed and it frequently asks me to upgrade it to the full version.
Any ideas?
As I understood it, I can immediatelly use the version I bought after paying?
Greetings, Lena


Lena, the account you have posted to this forum with does not have a subscription and never has had one. It may be a case that you have multiple accounts and have purchased under a different account. 

Hey Barry,
but I got a payment confirmation for a monthly subscription?
If that wouldn't be the case I would just buy "another" one. But it seems to me that I already payed for it, so I should have a subscription...



He's saying that, at some point, you probably made more than one videoscribe account using more than one email address and password.

The account that you used to make a payment is (apparently) a different account Than the one that you used to login to these forums and post a message.

Check which email address received the payment verification email, and use THAT email address and the corresponding password to login to videoscribe and this forum.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi, isnt possible if i want to transfer my free trial video to another purchased account?


Any projects you save on your computer during a free trial will still be available on the same computer when you pay for a subscription.

If you or someone else made a project on a different computer, you will not be able to gain access to that unless someone with access to that computer  transfers the project to you as a .scribe file via email or other method.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I also have this issue, I've started to work on it as a trial version and once I've decided to purchase the full version and I did pay the yearly deal, it seems that my account still runs as a trial.

because I still have watermarks and cant export my project without logos.

I've tried to contact you through the phone and didn't respond.

please help me with what I'm supposed to do?

I've logged in by my email which I made the purchase with, and removed the old version, and downloaded it again.

I believe Sparkol staff members only work during regular UK business hours Monday through Friday, so they probably would not answer the phone over the weekend. If you raise a support ticket, or call them during their work hours, they can probably help resolve your problem.(This is a community forum, so some of the people posting replies here, like me,  are just videoscribe users like yourself.)

I'm not sure, but I think if you used a student identification to get a discount, you may have been categorized as an EDU (educational) user instead of a PRO (professional) user, in which case you would still have a watermark on your videos. Whether the problem is related to that situation or something else, customer support will probably be able to look at your account information and find a solution for you.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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