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How to move self made drawing svg, not only outlines


I want a self made svg illustration of a car (black outlines, orange filling made in Illustrator) first to be drawn and then to move from left to right on the canvas.

But when I use the morph tool, during the moving only thin outlines of my drawing are shown (when I use the image without the illustrator path), or the thick Illustrator path is shown in black (when I use the Illustrator image with the path). When the car "is arrived", it changes back to the original drawing.

--> How can I move the drawing as it is? 

thanks a lot for help.

1) you cannot morph a drawing like that with the color intact.

2) if the car is the only thing on the screen, and you want the car to move to the right:
just add the next element,
move the camera to the left and then
use "set camera" for the next element


3) instead of drawing the car, use MOVE-IN with no hand to move the car onto the canvas as if it is being driven onto the canvas

-Mike (videoscribe user)


thanks a lot, Mike! I've thought of this, but in the animation I need to move a car over an other illustration (of the continent of Africa), so it's a pitty this is not possible in the programme. I am very surprised though, cause this seems like a basic feature and much more needed then a morph tool or move in-tool... I've put a request at "Ideas and feature requests". Hope they make it happen :-)

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