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using videscribe with other group member

Hi I currently have a group project with another member who is out of state. I have been using the free trial but I want my other member to be able to record her voice over as well with it and edit it so would it be better to buy a month subscription?

I was wondering how the videoscribe works. If I buy the full version can I have her download it to her computer as well and we both can work on one scribe together? If she edits the scribe can I see the new edits or are two different people not aloud to make changes to the same scribe?

if you don't want the videoscribe watermark, you will need a pro membership
if you plan to sell the videos or use them for commercial use I think you need a pro membership
if you plan to export videos to your computer, or render larger video sizes you will need a pro membership
if you want to keep working after the free trial ends you will need a pro membership

Videoscribe can be installed on multiple computers but can only be logged in on one computer at time.
Projects saved to the cloud folder can be accessed from multiple computers but not simultaneously. I recommend that you also save local copies for backup purposes.

I don't know if two people are allowed to share an individual account (consult the terms of use or customer support for specific legalities. I think these are the legal links but it is up to you make sure that you find and read all the terms that apply to you.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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