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Mirror or Flip and image

Is there any way to mirror or flip an image? Not rotate, but mirror. Thanks!

The flip/mirror button is in the image properties. it is highlited in red on this screenshot:


it alternates between flipping horizontally and vertically each time you click it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thanks so much, Mike. Been using this system for two years now and never knew that existed! Appreciate it.


I may be blind but I don't see any flip button on my videoscribe (see screenshot), any explanation?


They've changed the placement of it. I've circled the new location.

flip.JPG flip.JPG
30.1 KB

It's a rotation not a flip :-(

Hi Catherine, 

Keep clicking the button to scroll through the 4 different positions.

Horizontal Flip> Veritcal Flip > Vertical & Horizontal Flip > Normal.

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