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[Bug] Functional svgs gets drawn 'sketched' with 'broken dots'

The problem is hard to describe, so please take a look at the two attachments. One shows the bug, the other shows the exact same svg, but drawing fine.

Sometimes, at seemingly random moments, the svgs no longer draw properly. They become 'broken sketches'. This happens in the preview as well as in the exported video. After it's done drawing the image does appear in full again.

Closing the scribe without saving and re-starting from scratch solves it, but only for a limited time.

Advice is appreciated.


Is the same SVG being shown in both of your attachments or are those screenshots of 2 different SVGs?

Please attach the actual SVG that does not draw well.

Please attach the whole scribe or save it to the cloud and tell support the name of it.

Probably either an SVG problem, or a memory related problem with your scribe.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Yes, the same SVG was used for both examples. From concluding that VS does draw it properly after a restart I am confident it's not an issue in the SVG itself. It's also not just this SVG in particular, it happens at random while working on different projects. Creating images for whiteboard animation software is our company's core business, so I can't attach the SVG publicly due to licence restrictions. This is also why I feel confident that the problem lies not in the actual SVG.

A memory related problem sounds plausible indeed. I do not have any scribe files at hand with the actual problem, as I delete those and start over. When next I run into the issue, I will save it to cloud instead. How should I tell support - In this thread or do I open a ticket?

Thanks for the reply.

My colleague just ran into the problem again. This time I've attached an exported video to clarify the issue. She saved the scribe to her cloud. I don't think it's wise to share her account information publicly, so if support could approach me privately I'll then gladly give the info needed.

yes, opening a support ticket and providing the name of a file saved to her cloud folder sounds like a good choice. Support can access her cloud folder from their end. you should probably be logged into her account on this website when you fill out the support ticket.

I didn't request her account info and you are right that it would be unwise to share that information in a public forum.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thank you very much for your assistance, Mike. I've opened a ticket.

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