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Video show being cut off at end

I have a slide show which towards the end shows some text and then moves in 5 images. I want the video to pause at the end. When the last image moves in the video ends immediately. I have added another image slide with nothing on (a white image on a white background) however the video still terminates as soon as the last visible image appears. I have included pauses and transition timings on the last 2 slides but these seem to be ignored. How can I create a video where the last slide stays visible for say 10 seconds before the video ends/closes. The issues happens both in media player and with the video imported into a powerpoint slide.


PROBABLY you are using "MOVE-IN" as your animation type with a zero second animation time which causes a bug.

solution: either change the animation type to DRAW or increase the animation time.

Otherwise, save your project as a .scribe file and attach it here or save your project to the cloud and tell  customer support the name of it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Thanks for the thoughts. Yes it was a 'move in' but I did try up to a 10 second animation, pause and transition. I changed the final slide to a 'draw' and instead of an image, included white text on a white background. That seemed to have sorted the problem, though a bit of a long winded work round.


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