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Can't find the photo to morph from

 So, I am new at this but seem to be doing well except....when I try to morph I:

1. download a photo from your library (happy girl)

2. place on canvas

3. copy and paste object

4. move object to where i want the photo to land

5. set camera to both (when I unset - still can't find it)

6. go to 2nd photo and hit morph (can't find the original photo)

6a. go to 1st photo and hit morph (can't find the 2nd photo)

for some reason, although I can work with these photos, its not showing up in the list of previous photos for me to morph to (or from)


thank you


I can't tell what is happening based on your description.

1) Please save your project as a .scribe file and attach it here.

2) or provide screenshots of what you are doing.

3) or save your project to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it (customer support is available during UK business hours Monday through friday)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


 Ok, here is the scribe.file

That helps, thanks!

Ok, the problem is that the controls for scrolling through previous images on the morph menu are terrible and not intuitive. You are not the first person who has had this question, but it has been a while so I forgot about it.

Solution: open your image properties menu, and choose MORPH as your animation type. On that same menu you should see a series of small thumbnail images to select your morph source image....Now here's the trick: There are two barely noticeable grayed-out circles under the thumbnails. Click the second one to scroll to the second page of thumbnails. You should see your other happy girls at the end of the row of thumbnails.

On a separate note: I'm going to mention that your zoom levels are pretty low (final zoom out is 10%. It's probably better to try to stay between about 15% and 500% if possible) so you might start noticing other errors or crashes or the inability to render video.  If you arrange your images into more of a rectangular cluster instead of a long vertical strip, it may save you from some problems later.

Hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)

Thank you, that helped a lot. i am a 2nd day newbie.
As for the zoom levels - how do i create separate page views without getting into zoom trouble? i thought you had to place each segment under each other to create the separate pages.


you can click and drag elements anywhere on the canvas.  with an element selected, pressing the arrow keys on your keyboard will also move the element.

you can click and drag on an empty part of the canvas to move the camera. with no element selected, pressing he arrow keys on your keyboard will also move the camera.

When the camera is where you want it to be for a specific element, select the element and click the "set camera" icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

There are tutorial videos on the INSTANT ANSWERS page.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


 Thanks Mike,

I have watched the tutorials but somehow i am missing some valuable info. Everywhere I place my elements, starting with my third one (by using one of these...) it does not go to a new screen but instead it becomes a part of the previous two screens. ugh!

I know the others aren't correct; I was still just trying to get the 3rd one correct.

Isn't there a manual I can refer to in time of need? I have gone on youtube and still have not find any answers for  several of my problems.

With your help, i am beginning to figure things out. BUT I still wonder if there is a training manual available. That would be a big help.


I don't think there is a manual anywhere other than the tutorials and boot camp videos listed on the instant answers page.

There is really only one big "screen"  called the "canvas", so if you want to show your third element (or group of elements) without showing the previous ones, you just need to move the new element(s) a small distance way from the previous ones and zoom in a bit closer to the new ones, then click "set camera" to save that position for the new element(s) (make sure they are selected before you clikc "set camera")

Regarding zooming in and out:  if you a have not already found them, there are zoom in and zoom out icons (plus and minus symbols near the lower left corner of the videoscribe canvas/stage area. They let you zoom in or out with the camera which might help you focus more on the third scene without including the first or second set of elements.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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