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Zoom at End Doesn't Zoom Enough

Hi -

I want to zoom out at the end to video, but it doesn't zoom far enough. The edges of my elements get cut off or too close to the edge of the page. Any way to control this and set it so it zooms further out?



1) turn off zoom-at-end. (a setting in the lower right corner of the preview playback screen)
2) add one extra dummy element to the end of your scribe
3) zoom out and position the camera where you want it for the final zoom out
4) select the dummy element in the timeline and click "set camera to save the new final zoom position
5) make the dummy element 0% opacity with a DRAW animation type with a zero second animation time so it won't be visible and no hand will appear.

Note: make sure your final zoom percentage is at least 15 or 20% or more. If it is lower, it may crash the program. You can sometimes fix this issue by moving elements closer together, and/ or arranging them into a somewhat rectangular grouping similar to the shape of the visible canvas. In worse cases, you may need to scale images smaller, and move them closer together too.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I'm sure this works, but why doesn't the automatic "Zoom Out" feature work properly? I too find it cuts off part of the artwork. If there is already a "Feature" it should not require a work-around.

please provide a screenshot of whatever you consider to be a problem.


Same problem here. This is what I'm trying to produce: 


 The following tutorial explains how to use the "set camera" feature to combine multiple drawings into one camera position:

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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