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Need help from someone who's used EasySketchPro :o

Hi. I initially purchased ESP, but quickly found out VS is superior in every way. There is one small element from ESP that I want to bring over, and that is one of the female drawing hands. I like it because she has on dark nail polish... lol. Anyway, I still have ESP (version 3) on my computer, but can't find where the drawing hands are located (i.e. what folder). Anyone who may have it on their computer, can you please tell me where I can find the hands, so I can import one of them over to VS? Apologies in advance is ESP is a curse word around here. To reiterate, Videoscribe is far and away the better program. I just like that one hand.


That might be a violation of the terms of use of one or both pieces of software.
I don't know of a way to extract those images, in any case.

You can make your own custom hand if you have a digital camera and some photo editing experience: -import-your-own-hand

You could probably hire someone to make a custom hand for you on

-Mike (videoscribe user)


I purchased both pieces of software, so I see no problem with taking a graphic from one to use in another (for a private project), especially when we have the liberty to upload our own images from google (many of which originated who knows where). But thank you for the suggestion of a custom hand. That might work even better.

Brandy, I cannot speak for Easy Sketch Pro obviously but within our terms of use the images and content that come with VideoScribe can only be used within VideoScribe itself and that's covered in our terms and conditions (see section 3.8)

I've already moved on from that idea. Thanks! :)

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