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Cannot save to base folder WITH music

Saving works great until I add music and then it won't save it to the base folder, until I delete the music - then it saves without any music :o(

I cannot upload to YouTube this way, (has to be save in base folder?). Saving online does not work either. Will NOT SAVE. What is the problem, please?

I posted this question to the How to save video on YouTube, with no reply.

1) Sounds like there is something wrong with your scribe. Is it just 1 scribe that won't save? Is it just 1 music track that won't work?

2) try creating a new empty scribe then add 1 one library image and 1 (different) music track from the library  and see if that will save online and to the base folder, and render to youtube. Report your results here.

3) troubleshoot your problem scribe using these tips: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

4) Save it as a .scribe file and attach it here or
if you are able to save your project to the cloud without music, do that, and tell customer support the name of it
if you want them to troubleshoot it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



Are you renaming the scribe when you try to save it? VideoScribe has a bug in the saving process in that when a file is renamed the music still links back to the original file name and therefore errors. If you remove the music, rename/save and close, and then reopen the scribe you and add the music back in and resave as the link to the music would have been removed and recreated in the new file name. We're working on a fix for the route issue as well and hopefully that won't be too far away.



Has this issue been resolved? Along with others in my team, I have run into this problem more than once in the last two months. The only way to get the scribe saved is to delete the music file (yes, mp3), save in the base folder, and then sometimes I can go back and open that scribe and add music and save. Sometimes it requires a restart. Either way, it's a hassle. We're using v2.3.7. 

Today I tried the renaming workaround suggested above and that didn't work, the scribe just saved without music. I can't remember what I did beyond trying to save to the base folder and then to the personal folder after doing some deleting and saving. Sorry, I know, not very detailed. 

I've had an experience where I could only save a scribe with a soundtrack if I removed the soundtrack, added it again and saved immediately without preview playing the scribe before saving. It only seemed to happen on one particular scribe I was working on and I couldn't reproduce it on a different scribe but it may be worth trying.

If it's only happening with a particular scribe or a particular MP3 file, please save the scribe to your online directory, raise a support ticket, give us the name of the scribe and attach the audio file and we can take a look.

I have this issue often. It won't even let me save to the online directory as suggested above. The workaround I use is that I usually render the scribe (which works fine), make a note of which music I used, remove the music, and save the scribe.

Hi Walter,

This is an issue we are working on a fix for but in the meantime, it may be a better idea to save the scribe without the music before rendering, then add the music before you render just in case there is a problem during the rendering process.

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