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VAT Invalid


I'm trying to buy with the offer you have today but it says my VAT number is invalid. I've already open a ticket but it can take 1 day to get it solved and I guess the ofer is only for today. Is there anything you can do to speed up the ticket?



We use the VIES website to validate these numbers ( so you will need to make sure your number validates there to work on our site. They have an FAQ page to deal any problems.

The most common error though is that a space is needed between the country code and the number for it to work.

Unfortunately the EU-site is not able to validate German VAT's at the moment. This means we are blocked at the moment... :-(


The service seems to be now working for German VAT numbers so may have been a temporary issue on the VIES site.

When entering a VAT number on the Sparkol checkout page ensure that you enter a space after the 2 letter country code.

 Hi there, same probleme here ... I wanted tu buy on montlhy plan but my VTA is invalid in your website and on VIES France is not available now

Hi Lolita, 

A support ticket has been raised for your query.

You will receive an email notification regarding this.

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