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Duplicate project for second language

Hi -

As our clinic treats a lot of expats, we need to be able to duplicate our videos in a second language.  I already completed the first one in English, and want to duplicate the video and translate it into Arabic (similar to how it works in iMovie?).  I can't seem to find a way to do this.  I've tried saving with a different name, hoping there'd be a second copy with a different name (no luck). Right clicking doesn't work.  There has to be a more simple way to do it than having to copy/paste each element or (worse) start from scratch.  help!  My last resort would be to translate my existing copy and render it as a video, then not save it so it stays in English (IF that would work)....

saving locally in the base folder with a new name works for me...(results in two versions saved with different names). if you are using custom folders maybe it doesn't work.

I'm still using 2.2.5 I think , so maybe it is broken in a newer version. I'd still recommend trying again.

you could also export a .scribe file with a new name and then import it back in and save it.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike - thanks for the info. Oddly I've saved as a .scribe file but then my system won't open those files and says it doesn't know what program to use. It seems like I'm "saving" them in 3 or 4 different places (cloud, in videoscribe, to my computer...).  I tried duplicating the saved .scribe file, but then couldn't find a way to import or open a saved (to my computer) file in videoscribe. It only shows the one I saved to the software, not the one I exported to the computer... extremely confusing that, I have no idea how many copies I have or why there are two different "save" options.  I'll keep looking for an import option. 

The terms you are assigning to these save methods are not exactly the same terms generally used by other members, customer support and the instant answers page. It looks like you may have mixed up two of the methods based on what you have written. That is probably causing your confusion.

Save method 1) I believe that what you are calling "saving in videoscribe" in your previous reply, is generally called "saving locally". It is the default save method. This method creates a thumbnail image of your scribe project on the projects screen in videoscribe.

These scribe projects can only be seen and opened from within videoscribe. if you open a scribe project and then save it back to this screen with a new name, Videoscribe will create a duplicate copy of the scribe project with the new name (DO THIS. I repeat: USE this method!). Then close the scribe that you have just resaved with a new name and make sure that you see both copies on this screen before proceeding again. Then you can open the new copy and continue working on it.

Save method 2) I believe that what you are calling "saving to my computer" is generally called "exporting a .scribe file" or "saving a .scribe file". The purpose of this save method is to create a standalone .scribe file that can be stored in a hard drive location of your choice (for file backups etc), or emailed to other users, or transferred in various ways to other devices. Renaming this file is not a recommended way of making a duplicate copy with a new name as the original name will still be encoded within the .scribe file. You cannot just open a .scribe file by double clicking it. Like the previous save method, the .scribe file is ONLY meant be opened in one way: from within videoscribe on the projects screen. To import a .scribe file back into  videoscribe, click the "import" icon in the lower right corner of the screen. The icon looks like a file folder and it can be seen in the screenshot above.

Save method 3) saving to the cloud (saving online). Works the same as  saving locally except the file are stored on Sparkol's servers instead of on your computer.

I hope that makes sense.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi Mike- You're an angel and TOTALLY right about my misuse of terms. I was in my car and couldn't be bothered to go back into my office and re-open the software to see what terms they use so I "thingamajig'd" my way through. Thankfully you understood! Your first method worked. I had only saved as a separate .scribe file, not realizing I could just change the name and check the box without choosing "export" or cloud. Worked perfectly and, in hindsight....duh. Thanks again! :)
Great! Thanks for posting your results!


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