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I would like to suggest the possibility to publish videos on 4k size. 

Some time ago I suggeted that we could stack a series of scribes to render. I got an answer that I could upload them to Sho. However, I like to use 50 fps, and Sho does not give me this option. So, I suggest again that a line of a series of scribes can be made to render (just like HandBrake) or make possible to publish videos on Sho with 50 fps. 

Thanks a lot,



Hi, thanks for you rendering suggestions. will render in 25FPS by default, if you would like to render at 50FPS you will need to render through the VideoScribe program.

4k is not currently available as a rendering option, considering the memory required for this type of render through the program, it is unlikely that the format will be available soon.

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