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do whiteboard annimation projects completed in VideoScribe synced to server automatically

i have my PC and mac, both have videoscribe installed.

i created and completed the project in my mac computer

now when i log into the videoscribe on my PC, the list is updated with right overview picture, but when i double click, there is nothing there

i am confused, it will be great if all the files working at videoscribe is automatically saved on the cloud (piece of mind)

Saving your work locally will not automatically save to the cloud.
If you want to save your work to the cloud, I would recommend saving it manually to the cloud every time. I usually also save a partially finished copy and a finished copy as .scribe files on my local hard drive while I am working.

It sounds like you are looking at the list of your online saved projects on the videoscribe website. I don't think you can open scribe projects by double clicking them. Run the videoscribe program (not the website) and try to open your project from the cloud folder in the program instead.

If you tried to save a project to the cloud and then it was blank when you opened it, that might mean the file did not save successfully and it is damaged possibly due to problems described in this thread: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

Customer support may be able to help you retrieve a damaged file from the cloud if you tell them the name of it. If you have a locally saved copy, then open it and try saving to the cloud again.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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