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Cannot open video in videoscribe

I want to ask that why I cannot open my complete video in my iPad Air 2 . If I open the video, the app will crash and my software is up to date now. Please answer my question. Thank you.
My guess is that you have created a scribe that uses more memory than your ipad has available.
Or possibly one or more elements have become corrupt.

check your available memory and maybe delete some stuff if you can. Possibly restart or reset or whatever you do with ipads.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


My available memory is 22 GB

Are you able to open a new project, add some images/text and save without the application crashing? That would confirm there is something about this particular scribe that's causing the issue.

If you can save your project to the online cloud folder we can take a look for you and see if we can identify an issue. 

Yes, I save the video without the application crashing. But, how to save the project to the online cloud?
But, I had saved the video and click the save icon already. Please help me........ I must send the video for my assignment next week....
I deleted my previous answer because I forgot that you were talking about a scribe that you cannot open. because of that you can't save it to the cloud the usual way.

Log into videoscribe and look at the thumbnail images of all of your scribe projects. Find the thumbnail image for the scribe you cannot open. I don't have an ipad so I'm not sure if you will have the same options as the desktop version of videoscribe, but I think for the ipad, you need to touch and hold your finger on that thumbnail image until a menu pops up. One of the menu options should be "save to cloud"

Then tell customer support the name of the file that you have saved to the cloud. customer support works monday through friday during regular UK business hours so keep that in mind if you are relying on them to help you solve the problem.

If you have a computer, it might be a better idea to just get a free 1 week trial and rebuild your scribe project on the computer. Free trial users can export to youtube or facebook or a powerpoint file.  Take into account these tips to help you avoid problems: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

I hope that helps,
-Mike (videoscribe user)


How to tell customer support???

You can write the name of the project here in this thread,

or you can contact them directly: how to contact customer support

-Mike (videoscribe user)

I had saved it to Cloud and my project names is ATOMS. And last time I had opened it was in 7/5/2016.

I have downloaded that file and it's working/opening fine for me on VideoScribe Desktop. I have also saved that file to my cloud folder on the desktop and opened it on VideoScribe Anywhere on one of our office iPads and it took about 20 seconds to load but got there and would allow me to move some elements around the screen. 

So it seems to be something specific with your version on VideoScribe Anywhere on your iPad causing the issue. What is it you want to achieve from this? Do you need to make changes to the file or do you just need it published as if you just want the video file I can publish this for you?

help me brother

there was an error rendering the video?

So, how I want to get the video now ??? Please help me...

Undang, it would be useful to know more about what's happening for you. For example what format are you publishing the video (YouTube/Facebook/PowerPoint? At which stage the process is failing? Are you getting as far as putting your YouTube/Facebook password in? Is it failing before that and at the same point each time? If that's the case which element is on screen at that point as it is likely that there is a problem with that element. Also if you save your scribe to the online cloud folder and let us know what it is called we can take a look for you and see if we can identify the issue.

Ikmal, it would depend on what you are trying to achieve? Are you wanting to make changes or just publish the video? If you just want to publish it we could do that for you this end but I have noticed that you have installed the desktop version of the software today and started a trial so I am guessing you are trying from the desktop version now instead of the iPad?

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