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 This is such a great idea - but after you use this a few times - you realize there is an extreme lack of images.

I'm upset that a company which seems as "powerful" as this doesn't put more energy into the images - which is sort of the foundation that this app is built upon.

PLEASE guys, I call to you, please make more images!  We need them. Your VideoScribe is wonderful, but I can't continue doing this if I have to keep making my own images (which just takes too long). 

Can you please make a giant library of images?  I understand this must be really hard.  But I'm not seeing any new images being added and I've been a member for quite some time.  I haven't noticed any improvements, actually.  This is very frustrating as a big fan.  I don't know what you guys are doing there to make this better.  The images will do it.  I'm willing to pay more for a huge storehouse of images. 



You might be interested in these additional resources:
1) SVG STUDIO! thousands of SVG images that you can buy by theme or by artist or in bulk
2) if you use the search feature in the image library you will find additional images created by users that are not sorted into the existing library folders.  These are images created by users that are only available to pro videoscribe members. I believe that they are labeled with green tags (free) and red tags (for purchase).
3)  (mostly offers complete whiteboard videos I think)
4) google search for free vector clip art and just touch them up a bit.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


The last release of new images was in December and if you search "dec2015" in the library you can see the new images added there. This took us to well in excess of 2500 free images in the Library

I created a forum post called What Images would you like to see? as we are thinking about the next batch at the moment and want to make sure we cover any gaps.

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