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how to export or convert videos scribe?

export a video to the desktop, now do not know how I can play or convert it to attach it to a social network. I'm in the free version.

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If you are in the free version you cannot export a video to the desktop. You can only export the scribe project which is the file used by VideoScribe to make your video. 

Instead of save in the top left you need to use the publish button in the top right of the screen and at free trial you can publish to YouTube, Facebook and PowerPoint

Publish and share your scribe - bootcamp session 6

Hola tengo la version gratuita, no puedo publicar el video en Facebook se carga, pero no publica. Como puedo hacer?

You'll need to make sure that VideoScribe has permissions to post to your Facebook. See Common issues with Facebook for more information.


Tengo creado un video formato ".scribe"

¿Cómo puedo convertir el archivo a formato video para utilizarlo en redes sociales, plataformas elearning, etc.?

Follow the steps to Publish and Share your Scribes

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