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Tawe is asking for more money despite my annual subscription

I've bought a year's subscription to both Tawe and VideoScribe and I sat down today to try out Tawe.  However, despite already paying a substantial subscription.  I do not seem to be able to publish my Tawe to, which appears to be the only way of accessing that file, without paying still more money.  This seems a little underhanded, to offer a subscription and then ask for more money to actually make use of the software that I've subscribed to.  Am I doing something wrong, or do I actually have to pay more money to use Tawe?

Sounds to me like you are using the iPad/Android app. The subscription gives you full access to the desktop products but the iOS/Android apps are used differently and need In-App purchases. So you would need to download the Tawe Desktop app from and publish your work from there for it to be included in your subscription.

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