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how to download a video from

After uploading my Video to, I can see it, Play it - but do not know how to download it as a file to my iPad.

I see the section select Format for download, select the Format eg 720, but there is no download button etc.

Any ideas?


Markus, this is an iOS limitation what it will not let you download the files. Works fine on OSX, Windows or Android if you have an alternative device?

Thanks, Barry. I solved it by downloading to my laptop and emailing it to my iPad;) Not the smartest way, but it works. Best, Markus

Why I have to post my video only online ?? 

I need some more correction with other software help. But their is no facility to download video from site or not even publish in my PC 

If you visit and log-in in the top right of the page you will then be able to click on the My Videos section and see all the videos that your account has uploaded and get the short links for each


If you have a feature request for Tawe these can be raised on our forum so other customers can discuss them as well and we can see what's popular. -

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