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PowerPoint 2013

Videoscribe videos inserted into a PowerPoint file used to play as part of the animation but no longer will and new files I have just created will not either.

I have inserted the videos as .MOV and as .WMV and the same thing happens. One of the old files, still prepared in PowerPoint 2013, has audio files, separate from the videos, that play OK but the video does not.

However, the videos do play in PowerPoint edit mode, just not in presentation mode.

I suspect this is a Microsoft issue possibly associated with an update but can't find any help via that route so I am hoping someone associated with Videoscribe has encountered it and knows what to do.

Creating inserts for PowerPoint presentations is my main reason for using Videoscribe.

The embedded scribe video seems to play fine for me using powerpoint viewer. Have you tried it on different computers to test the results?

If you recently installed any new video players, they may have usurped your default player settings, uninstalling them might solve the problem.

If you uninstalled quicktime player  recently due to the vulnerabilities mentioned in the news, that might affect video playback on your computer.

you might just need to install a current video player and make it the default player for all video types, but that is just a guess.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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