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Music tracks are no longer working


I had no problem using the music tracks in the past. Somehow I cannot use them anymore. I cannot preview the tracks in the standard library. If I select a track to actually be part of the scribe, it does not work either. No sound whatsoever. it also doesn't work if I create a new scribe.

I raised a ticket 6 days ago but I haven't heard from the Sparkol-team since May 20th. It's really urgent as I have to show the movie clip on our 30 years anniversary party on June 4th.

Has anyone had this problem?




yes, having this problem now - any feedback on what to do to get the sound back?

If you think it is a problem with your current scribe, save your scribe to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it if you want their help with it.  As a test, close your scribe, restart videoscribe, open a blank new scribe and see if you can preview the music library.  post your results here.  To troubleshoot a scribe that is causing problems:

If you think the program has become damaged, you can uninstall and reinstall it.

If you think it is a problem with the newest version of videoscribe, you could uninstall it and install the previous version. (do not use any kind of third-party memory cleanup utilities or disk cleanup programs)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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