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HELP ERROR: "unable to display text. unsupported characters, check input"

Hey guys,

Been using VS for a while now... but have a HUGE problem. 

Being spanish my native language, I need to use these characters a lot "á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ" and respective capitals. 

What's worse Is I definitely need to use a certain font, but when uploading it (and this is the weirdest part), even by ticking the Latin symbols (or all the language symbols, for that matter) keeps showing me the same mistake. 

I'm attaching a short vid. 

Seriously, fix these, guys. 

forgot to say, Please?

Well Rena, as you said please ;-)

Firstly the good news those characters are definitely supported by VideoScribe and you can see that as they are working without an issue in other fonts. Looking at your video (very helpful by the way!) it's the font that's the issue and the version of Titillium installed on your machine. When I download and import the font which I picked up from it imported 999 characters instead of 845 and I can then use the characters you require. 

Both the font pack and a scribe file where the font is being used with the characters á, é, í, ó, ú, ü, ñ are attached for you.

Rena, just noticed from the audit logs on your account you are using version v2.3.4 of VideoScribe. We have actually further expanded the character sets available in v2.3.5 so if you upgrade your version of VideoScribe this may also help you with other character sets further down the line. 

Download and install VideoScribe – Mac

Hello Barry, thank you for your promtp response. 

We updated the software and reinstalled the Titillium font as suggested, but we kept encountering the error. So we moved forward with the other two fonts and as soon as we finish the current project, I'll check again the uploading of the fonts over a scribe proof, so we'll keep in contact in a few days. 


Is there a fix for this yet? I need ä, ö and ü to properly communicate in German, but Videoscribe won't accept either of them despite me importing the extended Latin characters (999) and despite the font (Eurostile) definitely being able to display ä, ö and ü. In fact, I can even see them being imported, but I keep getting the same error message.

Any idea on how to fix this?

Hi Chris,

Please raise a ticket and we can assist you further.

Does this occur with of any other fonts? Can you confirm that you are using the latest of VideoScribe (2.3.6)?

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