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Large Background Image Poor Quality

I am trying to bring in a large background image as a 'set' for my characters and I'm having trouble as this is the first time that I have tried using VS this way. I have tried bringing it in as an SVG and a Jpeg (even worse!) and both are coming through at a low res, even though the image itself is a huge vector. 

Please help!

I think the problem may be as simple as this (tested in versions 2.2.5, 2.3.3 and 2.3.6):
((this post edited/replaced to correct one mistake and clarify some phrasing))

BUG/symptom summary: 
In version 2.2.5, all images will always display at the individual quality settings you have chosen for them, regardless of the global default quality setting. In 2.3.3 and 2.3.6,  if the global setting is lower than any of the individual quality settings in your scribe, those images will display worse than they should unless your global default image quality is set at least as high as your highest individual image setting.

More detailed description:
(The quality setting of individual images can be sett differently by adjusting the global setting before importing the new image into the scribe. This option is particularly helpful if only one image needs an extremely high setting for some reason and the rest of the images can be lower to avoid memory related problems.)
A)  in videoscribe 2.2.5 all images retain the quality setting at which they are imported. Regardless of what changes are made to the "default quality setting", images are always displayed with their individually assigned quality levels. (I'm assuming this is "working as intended". It is convenient for the user.)

B)  in videoscribe 2.3.3/ 2.3.6,  if the "default quality setting" is LOWER than the quality setting at which any image was imported, then videoscribe will display that image at the LOWER global quality setting instead of it's correct setting.  However, if the global default setting is higher than the setting at which an image was imported, the image will NOT display at the higher global quality setting, it will retain its correct lower setting.

in other words (in version 2.3.3/2/3/6), if you import one image at 600, and one image at 1200, then you set your "default image quality" to 400, both images will display at a quality of 400 when you open the scribe.  If you change the default to 1200 or higher... videoscribe will display one image at 600 and one image at 1200.

C) In all cases the scribe DOES seem to "keep track of" the correct quality settings attached to each image. That data is not lost or changed in the project file even when re-saved. Only the way videoscribe displays the image is affected.

-Mike (videoscribe user)


in the above post where I wrote " (in version 2.3.3/2/3/6), if you import one image at 600..."

I believe I meant to write" (in version 2.3.3 through 2.3.6), if you import one image at 600..."

-Mike (videoscribe user)


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