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Problems attaching voice overs to a scribe

I have developed a 12 min training video and am now trying to add the voice over.

 I have high speed wifi at home but the record voice over icon takes over 2 minutes to upload (each time) making it impossible to use for multiple recordings sound bites on a 12 min video. 

I thus tried importing a pre-recorded voice clip off my computer but this doesnt work either as there appears to be no way to align the voice clip with the sequence of scribe play. I am finding this to be a major deal breaker for me and am thinking of moving to another platform if I cant get this resolved?

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As you have noticed, Videoscribe includes a very basic recording tool for people who want to add the images first and then record the audio. However, that is not not the recommended method.

The recommmended method:
1) Record your voiceover
2) save it as an mp3
3) import it into videoscribe
4) add your visual elements (either adjusting them as you go or adding them all and then adjusting later)
5) set the camera position for each element
6) adjust the draw time, pauses and transition times to make your elements match the timing of your audio.
7) fine tune everything as necessary

Note A: If you don't understand how to synchronize the drawing of images to a pre-recorded voiceover,  You may want to watch the tutorial videos for some basics.

Note B: you'll need to really be smart with your image file sizes, placement and zoom settings to make a 12 minute video that will render without running out of memory.  You might want to consider 2 6-minute videos if you run into trouble.

Note C: if you have been unable to record a voiceover, my guess is that your scribe already contains some problems with image file sizes or zooming that are causing "memory related problems.

You can save your scribe to the cloud and tell customer support the name of it if you want specific feedback.

related link: TIPS to avoid crashes, freezes, failure to render or erratic behavior (2015)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


Hi there. I recorded a voiceover for the scribe but I do´nt know how to make it play when the scribe is playing. Plus, I didn´t hear anything in the voiceover. I used a microphone in the microphone jack in my computer so I don´t know why everything is silent. Can someone please check my scribe and let me know if yuo can hear my voiceover and what I´m doing wrong?

Thank you. 

Also, where is the chat option of videoscribe where >I can chat real time to someone when I need help? I found it once and it was really helpful. Kajabi has this function and it really helps me learn the program.ççThanks!

It would be difficult to troubleshoot your microphone, your computer and videoscribe based on the information you provided.

follow the audio tutorial to see what is working correctly and what is not:

contact page:

customer support days and hours are mentioned on the contact page.

-Mike (videoscribe user)

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