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Rebuilt PC lost library of SPARKOL paid for designs. Is there a way to get them back?

Recently rebuilt my office PC from the ground up with new Windows OS because of OS corruption. All my SPARKOL paid for designs and my Library of SPARKOL designs are gone? Is there a way to refresh my working library of designs. ?

Thanks SPARKOL in advance.

Ken Boome

Hey. Do you think you saved your designs locally or on cloud? If you saved them locally and did not put them on an external hard drive then they are unlikely to have saved. 

Have a look at some of the reasons why scribes go missing:  

I'm not sure, but I think Ken might be talking about red tag premium images purchased from the library.

I have not used premium images, but I don't believe they get stored anywhere except 1) the scribes in which you have used them and 2) the "recently used images" menu in videoscribe. You can open an old scribe containing library images and copy/paste them into a new scribe. If you saved scribes online, you can still open them from your new installation of videoscribe.

If you only saved scribes locally, and you have a backup of your appdata folder and the videoscribedesktop folder, you can restore your old scribes and recently used images. However, any new ones, created since the reinstall, will be deleted in the process.

If you are just talking about the whole videoscribe library, When you reinstall videoscribe on your new OS, you should see the complete sparkol library again. As Jess said, you will also be able to access your online saved scribes if you saved any online.

-Mike (videoscribe user)



Mike's correct you would need to retrieve the paid for images from your previous scribes (copy from the old scribe and paste into the new) as your recently used would have been wiped by a rebuild. A good technique I use for Premium Images is to have a scribe project on my cloud folder with everything I have brought dumped into it so I can access them all no matter where I am.

If you took a back-up of your C:/ before rebuilding your PC we would be able to talk you through extracting your scribes from that and then importing them back into your new profile. We would need to do that in a ticket though as it's quite in depth and don;t want to make that information publicly available as if not followed carefully you can lose all your work.


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