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Can I edit my VideoScribe video?

I created several videos in VideoScribe, I want to know if I can edit it in camtasia or after effects, to join the parts, add effects, and work in the project with more effects? Thank you!

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If you have a PRO (paying) membership, you can export your scribe in the following video formats: MOV, WMV, AVI and edit them in any video editing programs that will import those videos. You can also render to and download your scribe as an mp4. You can also export PNG sequences which can be imported by some editing programs... and I think those will have transparent backgrounds if you have not added a background color or texture in videoscribe.

(Free members can only publish to facebook, youtube and powerpoint.)

-Mike (videoscribe user)


So if I have a full membership, can I download my VideoScribe videos and edit them with other programms, insert them in bigger videos and then publish the bigger video on YouTube? Is it legal?

Yes and Yes

I'm a pro user. 

I cut some parts of the video I generated by videoscribe, insert some other video in between parts etc.

This is also legal, right?


Yes- thats fine

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